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Dear America, We Do Have Gender Roles

It’s been a blistering week of misdirection and sideshows. Some dude who now has many convinced that he’s a her has stolen headlines just about everywhere. We as a society have taken a form of body dysmorphic disorder and turned it into a life-long quest worthy of praise, a television series and an award ceremony. The word hero, which was once reserved for those who sacrificed their lives for others, is now in the eyes of the beholder and is casually thrown around at anybody who does something that catches the attention of the folks at the E! Network.


This has got me to thinking. What the crap happened to us?


Since Aristotle, western culture has thrived in the pursuit of objectivity. We want to know who, what, when, where, why and how. We’ve been interested in universal truths, truths outside the observer. We’ve been in an endless dogfight to discover the mysteries of the universe. There are quite a few absolutes that everybody can agree on. Example: the sky is blue and there is some mysterious force we call gravity keeping us firmly planted on planet Earth.


Modern communication theory, phycology and other social sciences lay claim that Aristotle, even Plato are the founders of their practice. The idea that there is one absolute truth has been the foundation for this nation since is founding. However, if you’ve watched television, read a newspaper or a magazine in the last six years that’s not the impression you get.


Lately things don’t seem to be very objective. Rather they are falling in line with a subjective theory – truth is inside the observer. We haven’t just turned the page from objectivity we closed the book and started a new one with subjectivity. America has decided that the sky is blue – if that’s your bag. It can be cherry red for all anybody cares – and nobody does.


First I would like to define objective and subjective as I see them.


To be 100% objective is to be a robot. Incapable of spiritual or artful thought and reasoning, only accepting what physical facts can verify. It has more in common with a computer, only responding to commands.


To be 100% subjective is to be lacking in any brain activity. There is no truth and therefore nothing can be real – unless you want it to be. It has more in common with a lifelong LSD trip than any form of mature thinking.


Consider this my attempt to straighten things out, because things are not just bent out of shape, they’ve been bent, broken and braided out of anything that resembles reason and rationale thought.


We are subjective beings in an objective world. We all hold fast to our truths while (hopefully) seeking for the one absolute truth. There are some basic tenants about this world and this life that have been dismissed in place of emotion and political expediency. One of the most basic truths that have been dismissed in today’s culture is the idea that men and women have “gender roles.”


By the time the feminists are finished with us we will be referring to each other in third person pronouns or in the nominative it. Don’t believe me? Watch this clip from MSNBC that proves life in America has become a parody of itself. The Onion is now producing objective – and accurate – news reports.



Okay, gender roles. Yes, much to the cringing and scowling faces of feminists and misplaced males everywhere, we have gender roles. What’s more? Much to the cringing and scowling faces of progressives everywhere, there are only two genders – male and female.


Yes it’s true. There are many and various social constructs when it comes to gender. Like when I get a phone call at 9:30 in the evening to come help change a flat tire for one of the many sweet ladies in my life. While I’m happy to help out whenever I can, men and women should be perfectly capable to change a tire – not just men.


But let’s skip all the representative mumbo-jumbo and get to the point. The point I am trying to make is this; in the most primal and literal sense, men and women absolutely, unequivocally and undeniably have gender roles. It takes one man and one woman to create a life. A woman is the mother and the man is the father. It is that pure and it is that simple.


Contrary to the video posted above, it is a physical impossibility for a transgendered man to create a baby inside of the womb he/she/they do not posses. Contrary to the complete lunacy of today’s fringe feminist movement, women cannot produce sperm. To even imply that an impossibility is a trait of the human species isn’t even in the realm of subjective thinking. It isn’t even idiocy. It is some deep rooted psychosis for which we haven’t even named yet.


Strip away culture, social norms and communication theory, what are you left with? A male and a female. You were born a male, or you were born a female. That is the objective truth. You were either born with the ability to create the seed of life, or you were born the divine ability to create and grow life in your very body. In that, the most basic sense of male and female, is the role of each gender. A father is to provide the seed and the mother is to provide the womb. While the gender norms and cultural norms come, go and are routinely up for debate, the pure objective truth is that a male is a father and a female is a mother. A man can never be a mother to his children and a women can never be the father.


If it seems silly to even go into this amount of detail over this topic it’s because it is. It’s such an obvious truth you wonder why I would bother putting this thought into words. It’s because the western world has abandoned objective – and often uncomfortable – truths for the comforting warmth of a subjective lie. We have made the transition from a society of truth seekers and problem solvers to a society of crybabies and victims. We no longer seek nor accept the objective truth because we are now taught there is no objective truth. If it makes you uncomfortable, don’t think about it. If it challenges your state of mind and makes you uncomfortable, it must be bigoted and full of hate.


The subjective nature of this nation gone mad is the direct result of it’s own demise. We – well feminists – decided that men don’t matter, because some man somewhere made them feel bad about being a woman. Don’t think there is a problem? How about the crime of being a man and sitting with your legs open? That is now an arrestable offense in the “greatest” city on Earth.


Ladies, I’m sorry if I ever took up too much legroom but please understand I have a penis and it hurts when it gets smashed. And that’s just something I don’t expect any woman to understand.


We allowed a minority to strip men of any pride they may have had. Ask the inner city/black communities how great they’re doing without fathers in their lives. But enough about men, how about the continued destruction of women?


Children need mothers. It is another inconvenient truth that nobody is making a blockbuster documentary about, full of fake hockey sticks and swirling smoke stacks for a cover. When children only have a mother, or when the mother is out of the home more often than not (working), the family and the children suffer. Families fray, and children’s education suffers.


The further we flee from the structure of an objective culture the more we become a subjective one. The more subjective we allow ourselves to become the more we divorce ourselves from even the most basic observations. The more we divorce ourselves from the obvious, the more we decry it.


How can a nation survive when it can’t even agree on the document on which it is suppose to stand? How do children and families endure when society decides there is no family structure, that it is a fluid and subjective creation of our culture?


Subjectivity is a death sentence. Moral relativity is a subjective farce. Women are mothers and men are fathers. That is an objective and undeniable fact. We, as men and women do have roles to play as members of our respective genders.


We are not a monolithic culture full of homogenous, faceless, genderless, mindless drones. We are individuals in a melting pot full of life and ideas. If we are not searching for the honest truth – no matter how uncomfortable it may be – then we have divorced ourselves from reality and have forfeited a life of meaning for a life of victimization and warm, happy thoughts that mean nothing.


I am a father because I a man, and I a man because I am a father.


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