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Want A King America? You’ll Get One

Donald Trump won his first state last night in the New Hampshire primary – with a commanding lead. Congratulations to the state of New Hampshire. You now get to mint a new coin, redesign a new car license plate and come up with an entirely new slogan. The Live Free Or Die thing really can’t fly after last night’s abysmal cry for somebody else to tell you how to live your life. I’m thinking something along the lines of Die, or The Die State. Maybe that is too abrasive. How about, where freedom once thrived but then we killed it with our insatiable appetite to have the state run every aspect of our lives? I think that has a better ring to it. Go with that. It can be on the 2017 New Hampshire state coin, along with a picture of a fist.


Take note here, America. This affects us all. The Democrats in the Where Freedom Once Thrived But Then We Killed It With Our Insatiable Appetite To Have The State Run Every Aspect Of Our Lives-state didn’t have much of a choice. They got to cast a vote for a devout – and open- socialist, or a gangster trying to convince everybody that she’s not a gangster who believes in socialism or some for of totalitarianism, but just a simple gangster out on a pleasant Sunday stroll (from the marsh), vying for your support.


Then there are the Repub(e)licans. They had three choices to choose from last night. They had the freedom to choose between the establishment, the Constitution and a strong man. The Constitution came in third. Let that sink in. Here in 2016 after eight years of corruption so corrupt that corruption would call it a felony, we have the chance to put an actual conservative in the White House. A candidate that says the Constitution first and your feelings last. Instead New Hampshire chose the guy that goes for your feelings first, your pocket book second and then if you don’t relent he goes for your legacy (sounds like he has something in common with the gangster candidate from the other party).


Let’s not mince words here. In 2008 people were fed up. Liberals were angry and conservative were dismayed at a party that acted liberal instead of on its principles and convictions. In America’s anger we elected a strong man who promised hope and change and the fundamental transformation of America. At the very least people did it with the shallow (and that’s generous) sentiment of hope and change, and yes we can. Liberals knew the Bush administration took some liberties that weren’t found in the Constitution to trample all over it. They were angry about it – and rightfully so. We’ve now spent nearly eight years of an administration using the Constitution, as the morning after burrito night toilet paper – and the left wants more of it. But what about the right? What about the party that stands for the constitution, the party of principle, the party that challenged the establishment and has been purging them from their ranks since 2010?


Revenge. They want revenge.


We still have a number of states to muster through before the nominee is crowned but the idea that the likes of the Donald has climbed to such heights shows us that a large element of the Republican party is no better than the Democrat one. They want revenge. They like the anger and the fire that the Donald brings to the table (cause he brought nothing else). They can’t wait until it’s their boot on liberal’s throats. It’s their turn to stick it to their enemies, and you better believe with the Donald at the helm they are going to make their enemies pay. He’s got the “R” next to his name and now it’s their turn to drive the car. “I could shoot somebody on 5th avenue,” says the Donald, and his supporters erupt in jubilee, or brush it off like it’s no big deal. From a man who will have his finger on nuclear warheads, it is a big deal.


America, listen to me. If you want a king then that is exactly what you’re going to get.


A society devoid of morals and principles is a society that needs laws. We call ourselves civilized, but if you take a look at the amount of laws in the federal register I contend we are anything but. A void will always be filled. But America gets to decide how to fill the void. Do we want to return to civility? Do we want to unwind the power of the federal government and restore individual liberty? Or is it time to turn the double barrel shotgun of the federal government currently pointed at conservatives and point it at our neighbors, the liberals?


Barack Hussein Obama has unraveled the rule of law over his despotic tenure. There are no more checks and balances. The Supreme Court has proven itself political and not impartial. Harry Reid’s omnibus nightmare and procedures (that Mitch McConnell loves) have castrated any member of Congress who has any inkling to do the right thing. The point is the next president will have unprecedented power to do whatever he or she wants to.


Nobody knows what Trump will do. He’s just going to build a big wall, a great wall; you’re really going to like it. He’s going to take on China ‘cause they’re kicking our butts and he has lots of great people that we’ve never heard of to put into positions of power. You’re really going to like it. Do him a favor and he’ll pay you money. Stand in his way and he’ll Trumptantrum you into oblivion. He will do anything in his power to destroy you (see the old lady who beat him in court when he tried to eminent domain her out of her home. A position he still defends).


America, if you want a leader who stands for nothing, you’ll get anything. If you want a leader who believes in the Constitution, at the very least you’ll get the car put back on the road towards the Constitution. If you believe that your fellow Americans are your enemy then you have your candidate and he will gladly be the crowned king and destroy those enemies, or any enemies that he dubs enemies. It depends on his mood really. It also depends on what he had for lunch. A rotten BLT will get people sent to the gulags. A favor for a favor will get the promise of not going to the gulags – until you do something he doesn’t like, and then it’s Trumptantrum time.


I want a president. I want somebody who will bind down the federal nightmare and release the American spirit. I want somebody who recognizes the power of the individual and respect that. Not smite the individual with a baseball bat because they didn’t play ball. I don’t want a man who has his name plastered across our country as much as a third world dictator does. I don’t want a man who promises us we’re going to win all of the time and we’ll be so sick of winning because all we’ll be doing is winning. What a load of trash. I don’t eat trash. You shouldn’t either.


Be careful moving forward, America. In these Republican primaries you can choose another GOP established progressive (American communist), a Constitutionalist or a king.


Want a king? You’ll get one.

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