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Seven Reasons I Will Never Vote For Trump

I don’t subscribe to the #neverTrump campaign. I don’t think it’s productive. I don’t believe in fighting for a negative. It makes complete, utter nonsense. It’s like fighting on behalf of a black hole. Everybody knows it’s there but nobody knows what’s on the other side. It sucks in the light rather than letting it shine.


First, I don’t do the cult of personality. I won’t go out of my way for one man (or woman). I stand by the Constitution. I’m for Ted Cruz because Cruz is for the Constitution. I have supported his candidacy since the day he announced it – of which he was the first. He has a verifiable track record of not talking about but actually defending our rights. He defended the Second Amendment before the SCTOUS – and won.  He defended the right of courthouses displaying the Ten Commandments in front of the SCOTUS – and won. He stood up to George W. Bush and prevented the United Nations form trampling on any shred of American sovereignty. He stood for 21 hours in an effort to end Obamacare. He’s not just a conservative. He’s a champion of conservatism. That’s what I am for.


Because I believe in personal liberty and my God-given right to exercise it, I cannot and will not vote for Donald J. Trump. He stands vehemently opposed to both. I know, I know. I’ve heard all of the arguments and accusations. Because I don’t support The Trump that somehow makes me a liberal (like how I’m racist for not supporting the Marxist-in-chief and his suicidal ideology), despite my belief in limited government. Because I would stand my ground that makes me self-righteous. Because this is a presidential election, not voting for somebody is somehow voting for his or her opponent. And on. And on. And on. I’ve heard it all. I get it. The times are dire and seems like this could very well be the end game (actually that’s a pretty good reason to vote for the guy promoting limited government and liberty).


I understand that many of my friends, family and followers of this blog are going to vote for the man if he is the GOP nominee. This isn’t personal. This isn’t attack on you, the reader. This is me defending what I believe. Allow me to give you seven, count ‘em, seven reasons why I will never vote for Donald J. Trump.


  1. This is not Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

You know the old argument, the lesser of two evils. This election is not like that – at all. In fact, the lesser of two evils is why nobody went out to vote for McCain or Romney. Those two tired horses stood for nothing but lip service to the Constitution and it showed, so the base didn’t support them.


What this election is about is a contest for Barack Obama’s third term, Barack Obama’s third term or a Ted Cruz presidency. Allow me to explain as we move along.


  1. Voting for Meth or Heroin. They both kill.

To expound on number one; let’s pretend we’re all in a shady basement on the dangerous side of town. We’re having a debate on whether we should shoot heroin or smoke meth for the next four years. One has more obvious negative effects on physical appearance and a much higher addiction rate than the other, but they both cause crippling addiction and leave you psychologically impaired and/or dead.


Logic in this situation dictates that I vote for heroin. It’s not as bad. I mean it’s bad. It will destroy everything that comes across its path, but hey, it’s not meth. At least it’s derived from a plant. Therefore it’s organic and we all know how important products labeled organic are in today’s synthesized society. But if I vote for meth, life as I know it seizes to exist. If I vote for heroin it will be a slower (still quick mind you) decline into the abyss of self-indulgence, and being that heroin isn’t as obviously destructive as meth means I should certainly vote for the heroin.


Instead of voting for either meth or heroin I will either vote for water or ask if I can just leave the room. I don’t want either of them, and it’s not my fault when you put the tourniquet on.


  1. There is no daylight between Clinton and Trump.

Truth telling seems to be the Achilles heel of both Clinton and Trump. The base of both candidates has an otherworldly ability to deflect the obvious and deny actual words that they have been spoken. Donald has donated to Hillary on more than one occasion, and Hillary attended the Donald’s wedding.


They both support government run healthcare. They both support the federal funding of Planned Parenthood. They both supported the bank bailouts of 2008 and 2009. Donald has admitted, repeatedly that he plays the game by giving both republicans and democrats money (that’s called bribery FYI), and Hillary’s Clinton Foundation is a front to receive that money.


The shortest argument I can think of is this; why would I vote for an individual who violates my principles to keep an individual who violates my principles out of office?



  1. It’s Trumps duty to convince me to vote for him. If he has failed to do that then I owe him nothing

Just because that “R” is next to a person’s name does not obligate me to vote for them (see Mitch McConnell, Orin Hatch, Lindsey Graham, etc.). It’s not my duty to go out and vote for a party. It’s the candidate’s responsibility to convince me that their candidacy is worthy of my vote.


If Trump cannot articulate – and he can’t – how he will limit the federal government, undo the bureaucratic nightmare in D.C. and return rights to the states then he doesn’t deserve my vote.


  1. My allegiance is to principles not a party.


The first time I was able to vote was in 2004. I registered as a Republican and “pulled the lever” for George W. Bush. In 2006 I was horrified with the Bush White House and I changed my party affiliation to “Unaffiliated.” In 2008 instead of voting for McCain, I wrote in a candidate because my allegiance isn’t to the clown with “R” next to his name, and McCain is one of the biggest clown/horror shows the right has to offer. I did this knowing full and well who Obama was, and I did it because Obama was meth and McCain was heroin.


  1. It is my right to vote, not my responsibility.

The misplaced notion of the “responsibility” to vote is one of the greatest problems in American politics. The responsibility to vote is a tactic of the left to turn out the low-information/uneducated voters to cast their support for the left’s new demagoguing god figure. While I will always go out to vote, it will be for the candidate who deserves my vote, and not for the letter next to their name.


It’s my responsibility to stay informed and vote/fight for the freedoms that make us unique, not for the candidates who want us to conform to a larger worldview.


  1. Stockholm syndrome.


You’ve been abducted for the better part of 20 years. You’ve been abused. Your money has been taken from you. You’ve been forced to stand aside as strangers search your personal effects with no warrant and no reason. Every day they mock you. They tell you that you are what’s wrong with you. If it weren’t for you, you wouldn’t be in this mess. They make you pay money for goods that you already had access to. You’ve had to listen to this and deal with it for almost 20 years.

Let’s use the phrase “Make America Great Again” except we’ll apply it to your home. Imagine a man who has spent the last ten (at a minimum) years funding the people who tell you that you are the problem with you. He stood by and supported your abduction. Then that man wants to govern over you. Imagine he shows up to your house, asks for the right to lord over you and says, “let’s make your house great again. It’s going to be great. We’re going to win. It’s going to be a great house. I think you’re gonna like it. You don’t win anymore. With me, you’re going to win.”


Would you hand that man the keys to your house? The answer is an unequivocal and resounding no. Well that is if it weren’t for Stockholm syndrome, a symptom which this nation seems to be dying of. We’ve been abused and mistreated for so long we are beginning to side with our captors.


I know what it means to take a stand on the Internet. It’s the difference between being loved or hated (on the Internet). For years I have watched this nothing blog turn into something. We’ve had a solid increase in new supporters, fans and readers. This last year we took off like JFK’s moonshot. Enter Donald Trump and I’ve seen solid fans turn against us. I’ve had Trump fans threaten us with lawsuits for speaking out against the Great One of the American right, and with that comes all the over-the-Internet insults and accusations. I have received the same vitriol from Obama-bots and never expected from my own, but as they say, to each his own.


I don’t support collectivism. It is a breeding ground of groupthink and bumper sticker slogans that mean nothing. I support Cruz because he has proven he will support the Constitution. I have family and friends who will vote for the Republican nominee no matter who the candidate ends up being, and that’s fine. I won’t think less of anybody for one second, as I hope they don’t think less of me. My support is reserved for somebody who will fight for the legacy of America and the breeding ground for liberty, not for a letter next to somebodies name.




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