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Why the Left talks about guns, not evil.

Why won’t the Left talk about Evil? In the face of another tragedy, the talk isn’t focused on the man who pulled the trigger or potentially others out there like him, it’s about the gun he used. Why? The answer is simple, but not pleasant.

As an author’s note, “The Left” does not refer to all democrats, “liberals”, or even socialists. It refers to the core of the movement. The activists, the spokespeople, the thought leaders and chief agitators. It is not a gratuitous stereotype applied to a diverse group, it is a label referencing those who embrace the core tenets of Leftism. 

Even the most hardened gun opponent when pushed to a logical end has to admit that a gun simply doesn’t and can’t commit murder. It just can’t. How is it that millions of Americans go about every day and go to sleep every night in the presence of their own guns and if not touched somehow never fall prey to these nefarious killing machines? It’s because a gun, by itself, isn’t dangerous. A gun, even a loaded one, without a person using it is essentially a paper weight. Handguns, assault rifles, even fully automatic machine guns are harmless until touched by a living creature. In fact an entire mountain of guns would be less dangerous than a mountain of iPhones without a person to wield them. And yet in the face of another horror at the hands of an evil killer, why does the Left yet again immediately focus on the object used rather than the person using it?

It’s always been clear where the Left stands on gun control. The Left has long been out of the closet about wanting to end and abolish the rights defined and preserved in the Second Amendment. Why they are so bent on this is not entirely clear but given the Left’s thirst for overwhelming government and the Second Amendment’s clear intent to protect against overwhelming government, one need not be a rocket scientist to extract a reason. But regardless of their intent, they are readily forthcoming about their desire to eliminate guns as if that would eliminate all violence, horror or ev…no, no, that’s not what they want to talk about. Definitely no mention of the E word for the Leftists! But why?

Evil exists. It always has. It always will*. So why won’t the Left acknowledge it and try to prevent it?

Evil is what took the life of 59 of our brothers and sisters in Las Vegas. Sure, a gun was used as the tool, but that’s all it was: a tool used by a person set on performing an evil act. Evil is what took the lives of thousands of people on 9/11. The tools used then were aircraft and knives (and subsequently fire, smoke and buildings), but evil is what caused the deaths. Evil is what killed hundreds in Oklahoma city. The tools used then were explosive chemicals and a truck, but evil is what put that truck full of explosives on the curb that morning. Evil is what killed marathon runners and spectators at the Boston Marathon. Homemade explosives and backpacks were the tools, but evil is what killed, maimed and injured dozens of people. Evil is what lynched black men, women and children in the South. Ropes were the tools, but evil is what stole the life from those untold numbers of innocents. Evil is what killed dozens of Christians, Americans and others at the hands of ISIS & Al Qaeda. Fire, swords, knives, water, tank tracks and other random and intentionally shocking devices were the tools that horrifyingly ended lives, but it was evil that did the torturous killing. Evil wants to kill so it uses tools to do it, and any tool will do.

Anyone with common sense and the ability to see beyond a political agenda knows evil is the enemy. And yet in times of violent tragedies only one side of the political spectrum wants to acknowledge evil over the tool. Why is that?

The answer is simple. Evil works best in the dark.

Discussions of evil often cast light on it. Light is one of the great antidotes to evil. When evil is exposed it is often extinguished. Evil hates being exposed. Most people are good at heart and want to do good, not evil, and when confronted with the reality of evil they want to eliminate it. MOST people. But not a certain group of them, because those who propagate evil prefer the darkness not the light.

So, why does the Left want us to focus on the tool rather than the evil? Because they embrace evil.

That’s a strong assertion, almost extreme, but does it in fact have merit? Think about it. THINK about it. Don’t emotionally react to it. Think about it.

Discussions of evil expose the evil of the Left. Yes, all are capable of evil. Each individual has the capacity for evil, even those on the Right. In fact, the right has it’s own share of sins, particularly within the Republican version of the Right. And anyone who has either a Christian foundation OR a sense of right and wrong knows that every human regardless of political association has done things that were in some way harmful to another — in other words we all perform evil in some ways at some time. But when speaking categorically, based on the professed beliefs and tenets of the group, the Left is guilty of horrific evil…and has been throughout history.

Think about the inconceivable level of bloodshed at the hands of Leftists throughout history. From the Nazis to the Soviets to the Khmer Rouge to the Mao regime to the oh-so-fashionable Che & Castro and on and on. But those were just evil dictators, right? Certainly everyday Leftists wouldn’t support the wholesale slaughter of millions of their fellow human beings, right? Certainly the feel-good, love-wins, namaste crowd would never support something as blatantly violent and evil as those other Leftists, right?!

Yeah, how’s that Pro-Choice movement working out?

Killing unborn babies is evil. It just is. Talk all they want about women’s rights, women’s choice, women’s health and other rhetorical labels applied to hide the evil essence of what is done, they can’t hide the fact that every abortion ends a human life. (ever noticed they don’t perform “abortions” on miscarried fetuses, only on the live ones? It’s actually called something different because it IS something different.) Unborn humans are still humans. They have their own heartbeat, their own brain activity, and at the very least (or most importantly) they have their own DNA. But because they are sheathed in the skin of their mother, Leftists have convinced themselves that they are but mere nails to an abortionist’s hammer. There are endless rebuttals to the weak rhetorical attempts of the Left to justify the slaughter of defenseless children, but in the end it is yet another holocaust at the hands of intellectually superior Leftists – creating a master race of only convenient humans. Evil.

And how about the new age eugenics of Iceland (a Leftist utopia) where they have miraculously eliminated the occurrence of down syndrome!!!…by killing off any unborn babies with down syndrome. Ask any parent of a downs child and they will tell you that though they are a unique parenting challenge they are beautiful souls, full of life and happiness and are every bit as deserving as the sunshine and oxygen we all mutually enjoy as any of the rest of us. And yet the Left has institutionally condemned them all for execution while conveniently labeling it eradication of disease. No question of their humanity. In Leftist Iceland downs babies are Nazi Germany’s jews. Less-than-human. Targets for eradication. Evil. (shh, don’t tell anyone, let’s just focus on guns.)

Uncomfortable talking about that icky topic of abortion? Too controversial for you? How about the health rationing of the elderly in Leftist run social medicine systems. Sarah Palin took a lot of heat from the Leftists in the media about her mention of Death Panels in spite of the fact that they exist in other countries. Life-saving procedures are withheld from some based on their age – yes, even in today’s civilized world. Because they are viewed by the younger and more vibrant portion of the country as less-productive, they don’t get the same care a younger individual might. Life is rationed away with intellectual whim. Arbitrarily withholding medical care to those who need it is something the Left has done for centuries. Evil, but yeah, let’s talk about gun control.

The Left is guilty of horrible atrocities. Many more than noted here. It always has because Leftism has always embraced the central notion that most humans are lesser quality than a select few, so it’s easy to mistreat them. And yet, they want you to believe that guns are the issue. Never mind the sick minds and evil hearts. Never mind the horrors committed every day precisely according to their clearly defined agenda. Never mind the evil. They just want to ban guns. Because as long as the rest of us have guns, we have a last line of defense against their evil.

Defend your right to defend the right. And resist evil.

*I believe there will be a time when there won’t be evil because the source of all good will one day reign again in righteousness. Yes, I’m talking about Christ. He is the way, the truth and the life. If we all started listening more to Him (myself included) we’d see a lot less evil in this world.

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