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Why I won’t buy Nike again.

I’ve bought a lot of Nikes in my day. But I can say I’ve bought my last. Brand loyalty is fleeting particularly when a brand goes head to head with a bigger, more significant one like America. Between Phil Knight’s former-athletic-apparel-turned-social-justice-platform and the Land of the Free & Home of the Brave, it’s no contest. Nike loses. And that’s what they just did.

Colin Kaepernick has just become Nike’s latest face. Nike has chosen a race-baiting, trouble-causing, spoiled-child, ingrate as their brand representative. As you no doubt know, Kaepernick is the wannabe civil rights warrior who started the pathetic and widely insulting mass grandstanding of not standing during the national anthem at football games, not out of respect, but out of overt disrespect. Of the many truly inspiring examples of valor, courage, and sacrifice demonstrated by other athletes throughout the world who aren’t disrespecting a great nation Nike chooses this guy?

Never mind the fact that the NFL’s ratings have plummeted like a Kardashian neckline arguably due directly to the fact that they not only haven’t put an end to the gesticulating tantrums of the poor unfortunate millionaire game players, but chose to actually amplify it. The NFL enabled this insult to America and Americans by the millions chose to turn the channel. You’d think a brand like Nike would think twice before signing a public offender like Kneeling Nicky, but clearly Nike doesn’t care about brand loyalty nearly as much as it does about making hollow and cheap statements for a narrowing audience of safe space snowflakes.

Sure there are plenty of race-centric useful idiots predictably toeing the leftist identity politics line. They’d blindly follow Al Sharpton into a meat grinder if he told them there was racial injustice to be found in the burger. Nothing will sway them from the poor-me agenda. But beyond that, the rest of us are left to wonder why Nike thinks an ungrateful ne’er-do-well who has taken to suing an entire league for discrimination because no one will hire him, completely ignoring his tanking numbers and lackluster performances in recent seasons.

Despite all that, we are all supposed to accept that his problems are due to a racist country? In his words, that’s exactly what we’re supposed to do. According to him:

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,”

So it’s the country’s fault? And this is supposed to make me buy Nike’s?

Never mind Kaepernick has been paid millions upon millions of dollars (by these supposedly black-oppressing people, by the way) to live a dream millions of kids would do for free. Never mind he was raised by loving white parents, supported and elevated by white coaches and teachers, drafted and signed by white managers, coaches, and owners, and yet if you believe his tripe, he’s been treated like a lynching victim from Mississippi Burning. He was given the brass ring for his efforts and talent and somehow he feels justified in defiling the only country in the world that would offer him such rare opportunity.

Never mind another former NFL rising star, Terrell Owens, burned out after having been given plenty of chances, was cut from multiple teams, and faded off into obscurity, not for his skin color but for his volatile behavior. Never mind even the two “people of color” owners of the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars weren’t interested in taking him either (such racists!)

Never mind statistical study after statistical study shows that black men aren’t discriminated against by police, in fact quite the opposite. Never mind that America enthusiastically elected a black president. Never mind that hundreds of thousands of white Union soldiers forsook their homes and families, spilled their blood, and ultimately laid down their lives to give blacks freedom and equality. Never mind that despite the repeated efforts of the democrats to the opposite throughout the twentieth century, Americans fought racism, stopped segregation (implemented by democrats like George Wallace, by the way), defeated Jim Crow laws (instituted by democrats, by the way), and passed the civil rights movement (against the will of the democrats, by the way) so that all our fellow Americans regardless of their skin color could enjoy the freedoms guaranteed by our constitution. America did that because America IS NOT A COUNTRY THAT OPPRESSES BLACK PEOPLE.

And never mind that we want to just watch football or buy a pair of sneakers without being preached to.

Nike can pat themselves on their back for their false nobility all they want. But they’re going to have to do it without me…and likely millions like me.

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