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If you’re Kavanaugh, what do you do?

We’ve all seen the spectacle of the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation. A lot of questions are being asked. Is he innocent or guilty? Is his accuser a political operative or a victim of assault? But the real question that should be asked is this:

What if it were you in Kavanaugh’s place?

If you’re a man, put yourself in Kavanaugh’s place. (If you’re a woman, think of the man you love most and put him in Kavanaugh’s place and imagine this for him.) You were just called to the highest office of your field. It’s the professional opportunity of a lifetime for you, but a political opportunity for sleazy politicians. You’ve built a career without blemish. Not a single instance of inappropriate behavior or even questionable comments. You’re known for your dignified treatment of others, your fair judgements, and your respectable character. But now, you’re accused of rape.

A woman just came forth and claimed that 36 years ago, when you were a teenaged boy, you jumped on top of her during a drunken stupor at a raucous party, groped at her clothing, covered her mouth until your buddy dog-piled on, knocking you both to the floor and allowing her to escape. You deny it absolutely. You agree to answer questions about it. You agree to face a public hearing about it. Meanwhile, your accuser won’t give any evidence about it. Your accuser refuses to be questioned about it. You are warned that if you insist she face a public challenge of her accusations that you are figuratively assaulting her again. You’ve been accused without being given your constitutional right to confront your accuser…all because a cabal of desperate political assassins have put you in their crosshairs. All for politics.

What do you do? What would you do? What could you do?

The mainstream media has all but condemned you. Half of the country doesn’t care if you’re burned at the stake because politics. Very powerful political henchmen masquerading as public representatives are viciously trying to annihilate you. And you can’t fight back because you’re expected to remain dignified, impartial, and neutral. What do you do?

The situation is beyond belief. The democratic party that once vocally championed civil rights is now demanding your public lynching because a woman has pointed a finger at you.

You insist you didn’t do what you’re accused of. What more can you do?

Are you really supposed to accept that a woman just suddenly decided to come forward about a violent attempted rape after 40 years, that she remembers perfectly, all except for any details that might actually help her prove it or you disprove it? And this is supposed to completely derail your Supreme Court nomination and destroy your career and reputation? And because it’s a woman accusing a man amidst the #metoo movement (ironically consisting nearly entirely of liberal men accosting women) you aren’t allowed to question this woman’s accusations?

  • Is it possible this woman is lying for political convenience? You aren’t allowed to ask.
  • Is it possible this woman is a political plant? You aren’t allowed to ask.
  • Is it possible this woman was attacked, but by someone else? You aren’t allowed to ask.
  • Is it possible the account she has described was actually a silly drunken romp between some hormonally charged teenagers at a party with no malicious intent? You aren’t allowed to ask.
  • Is it possible this woman has been a key researcher for an abortion pharmaceutical company that might greatly benefit from her “bravery” in coming forward? (Here’s a list of articles published by Ford doing this very thing) You’re not allowed to ask.

What do you do?

  • How many times have people wrongfully remembered details about traumatic events from long ago in the past? You aren’t allowed to ask.
  • How many times have women identified (even innocently so) the wrong man for a horrible attack on them? You aren’t allowed to ask.
  • How many times have teenaged boys harmlessly wrestled or physically teased girls (especially in the days before sexual harassment was something boys were formally educated about) while the girl gleefully laughed along, delighted with the flirtatious attention? Can’t ask.
  • How do we know 36 years ago the 15 year-old Ford wasn’t drunkenly laughing along with some teenaged hi-jinx, and only now after nearly forty years of being steeped in radically leftist social justice indoctrination it wasn’t self-modified to be more nefarious than it was? You definitely can’t ask.
  • How many times has a teenage boy lifted his girlfriend around the waist and tossed her into a swimming pool, jumping in after her to then playfully dunk each other, without any accusation of violence or assault? You can’t ask that.
  • Given four decades of poor-me victimization and an “empowering” #metoo movement catapulting female sexual assault victims into the spotlight to be crowned as bold, brave, and courageous for coming forward (many of them legitimately so), how many leftist women have longed to stick it to The Man (quite literally) and even considered reframing moments from their past in order to claim “Me too!” with their sisters-in-cause? Brother, you most certainly can’t ask that.

What do you do?

This tale of sexual assault has absolutely zero supporting evidence, has some extremely suspect circumstances surrounding its revelation, isn’t being allowed to be scrutinized, and has only surfaced now that the Supreme Court is allegedly about to become a Roe v. Wade repealing heat-seeking missile. But you can’t challenge it.

You know if the accusation were true, it would be a horrible thing. Everyone but Bill Clinton and his private island cronies would agree. But an unfounded accusation of this weight is as equally horrible. Everyone other than those who still ironically support Bill Clinton (in spite of his private island activities AND the fact that he is the original #metoo offender) would agree. But you know the accusation isn’t true. What do you do?

If we as a society allow otherwise respected public figures to be maligned, criminalized, and professionally destroyed by someone simply standing up and saying “He’s guilty of a heinous crime!”, again, without supporting evidence, without allowing any investigative questions to be asked, and with zero burden of proof to in any way corroborate the claim, we throw out every hope of ever relying on due process to protect the innocent.

And yet now that very thing has happened to you. What do you do?

Ok, so you’re never going to be a Supreme Court appointee, right? This would never happen to you, right? Let’s make it more “real”:

  • You’re a school teacher and a student comes forward after 36 years and claims you did something questionable, but can’t remember where or when, but now it’s on you to prove you didn’t…36 years ago. What do you do?
  • You’re a lawyer and a former client comes forward and claims you bribed a judge to get them off, but can’t remember what judge or when it happened, and now you’re the guilty one unless you can prove you never bribed an unknown judge. What do you do?
  • You’re a pastor and a male parishioner comes forward and claims you sexually assaulted him as a boy 36 years ago, but can’t remember where or when exactly, but now you’re about to lose everything you’ve worked for unless you can prove without a doubt that you didn’t do what he’s claiming. What do you do?

Is this an acceptable precedent? Is this how “guilty until proven innocent” works here? Is this how you want to be treated as a defendant?

Certainly rape victims come forward all the time without much corroborating evidence. But they come forward with details. They can at least establish locations, times, timelines, etc. that can help verify the claims not to mention rightfully stand ready to be questioned about their accusations in an effort to see justice done. Sadly some fail to prove the violation. It happens. But that’s the nature of living in a world where you can’t read minds, can’t see into the past, and where imperfect humans are involved. Sometimes guilty people escape justice and sometimes innocent people face unjust conviction. But more often than not the system works and it’s the best system we have. But now you’re on the wrong end of the system, and your opponents want the system removed and replaced with your head on a platter. What do you do?

Sure, politics happen. Republicans and Democrats alike do it. Obama’s Supreme Court appointee Merritt Garland was delayed by the Republican congress. It was your garden variety political maneuvering — the party in legislative power held up the party in the presidency. Conservatives were thrilled. Leftists were outraged (and still are – and so here we are). But notice the Republicans didn’t orchestrate a character assassination. Notice all they did was leverage parliamentary protocol. Notice when Sotomayor and Kagan were appointed, no Republicans came forward to accuse them of pedophilia or murder (without any supporting evidence, without being willing to be questioned about it, without allowing any public scrutiny of the claim that wasn’t immediately characterized as slut shaming). They challenged them on legal opinion and positions, but didn’t start throwing out random and unsubstantiated claims of criminality simply because they didn’t like the political reality of a liberal being appointed to the SCOTUS. And yet, that’s what they are doing to you now. What do you do?

Not to mention the circumstances around the Ford accusation are beyond suspect:

  • Why did she wait 36 years to bring this forward? You can’t ask.
    If the accusations were true, your public appointment to the appeals court, even the bench in general, should have been trigger enough to bring this forward decades ago, but she didn’t do it. But you’re not allowed to question that.
  • If you had been raped and witnessed your rapist climbing the public ladder, would you have remained quiet all this time? Keep in mind Ford isn’t some helpless, frail doe in the meadow fearing for her safety; she’s a clinical psychology professor at a respected California university…in a time where victimized women are vaunted and praised. She has virtually nothing to lose in coming forward, and in fact much to gain, including finally getting justice and probably an HBO movie starring Meryl Streep, and yet she refuses to participate in shining light on her supposed event. Why? Can’t ask.

And why did Diane Feinstein hold this earth-shattering bombshell until it was a parliamentary convenience if it’s such an important issue that the FBI needs to be brought in. What if Johnny Cochran had known of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s death but didn’t tell the police until he knew all the evidence had been destroyed and the investigation would be impossible to conduct. Wouldn’t that be suspicious, even outrageously unacceptable? And yet a nearly 90 year-old career politician ideologue does the same and suddenly half the country looks the other way? And yet that’s what’s happening to you – what do you do?

  • Why can’t your accuser remember where the assault took place, how she got there, how she got home, or when exactly it happened, but remembers every single vivid detail of the alleged moment? You’re not allowed to ask.
  • Why did she go to a politician about a crime and not the police? Why did she get a lie detector test performed without going to the police? Why did she tell her therapist and husband, but didn’t go to the police? You’re not allowed to ask.

So supposedly you were an attempted rapist as a teenager, but have never repeated anything remotely similar to it since then, especially as a powerful figure with all the opportunities to do the same. Are you allowed to bring that up? Sure, but it won’t be published anywhere other than the president’s twitter feed.

The real question that matters is this: Would you want your life to be destroyed by a single, unsupported accusation without any evidence against you?

That’s the true essence of this. It’s not about man v. woman. It’s not about rape. It’s not about statute of limitations, public opinion, or about the #metoo movement. It’s not even about politics or democrat shenanigans. It’s about the rights of the accused.

The Left has once again pushed another of our institutions to the breaking point. If we condemn Kavanaugh without any burden of proof on this woman or the State, what faith can we take in our own chances against accusation? If we put accusers’ claims above the process of law, can we have faith that the process of law will protect any of us when we need it? As Kavanaugh goes, we all go.

Maybe Kavanaugh is innocent…maybe he isn’t. Maybe he gets confirmed…maybe he doesn’t. Maybe we are a country of law and order…and maybe we aren’t.

If it were you, what would you do? And what would you hope someone like you would do to come to your defense if it were you? It may not actually be you, but right now, Kavanaugh is all of us…including you. So what do you do?

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