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Climate Change, the modern Tower of Babel

In the eleventh chapter of Genesis we learn of the account of a people so arrogant they thought they could reach the heavens. They thought they were so mighty they could build their way to the realm of the gods. In fact, they thought they were equal to God. Along the way they were treated to a rude awakening to just how wrong they were.

Today there is a people equally as arrogant…and equally as self-deluded: the Climate Alarmists, and hopefully one day they too will face an awakening to how wrong they are. And wrong they are.

Like the Tower of Babel, the campaign to “stop Climate Change” is one of pure folly. Folly is another word for foolishness. And that is a perfect word to describe the assumption that we can actually STOP the climate from changing.

The Climate Change issue is at best unsettled and unanswered questions and at worst pure conspiratorial fraud. There is relatively sound evidence that the sharp increase in the measured CO2 in the atmosphere is in fact caused by man. However, the effect of that CO2, including whether it may in fact be beneficial to the earth’s climate (something with considerably more evidence in its favor than the inverse) is as unclear as whether extra terrestrials have visited the earth. One side vapidly screams accusations of doom and guilt while the other side examines and questions the scientific basis of the claims. And yet the alarmists continue to build their Tower.

There isn’t a single proposed solution to the alleged climate crisis with any scientifically sound assurance that it will work. Not a single one. In fact when pressed about the outcome of even the most extreme measures to curb the unknown and clearly uncontrollable climatic trends of an entire planet, the alarmists offer fractions of percentage points of temperature over decades or centuries as their messianic remedy. And yet they plunge onward, full speed toward the heavens with a false tower of taxes, regulations, shaming & shunning of the “deniers”, arrogantly confident that mortals can literally stay the tide.

The similarities between the account of building the Tower and today’s constructing of the Church of Climate Change are numerous and instructive. The fabled leader of the builders of Babel was named Nimrod (the eponymous parallel could hardly be more fitting.) Today we have numerous nimrods leading the modern erection of towering impotence, from Godfather Gore to Manipulating Mann, from Whitehouse the Whitewasher to pick-a-liberal-any-liberal. In the Tower of old they built with bricks slathered in a mortar of “slime”. In the Tower of today they combine the basic building blocks of science smothered in a corrupting slime of political propaganda. The prior builders insisted all be called the same and all speak the same, and in like manner the schemers of today punish dissent and insist on controlling the language. Fortunately, however, in the ancient record the tower fell at the hands of a force greater than they could resist, and likewise the tower of deception they are attempting today will too crumble in the face of the reality that they can no more build a tower to the heavens than they can bring the heavens to follow their climatic demands. And yet they continue to lay the bricks.

Climate change (without the capital letters) is a reality of our earth and always has been. Stopping it from changing is every bit as impossible as foolhardy as stacking bricks to reach God’s doorway…and encouragingly the majority of Americans sense this. Several polls in recent years have shown a dramatic decline in the public’s belief in manmade Climate Change. Most Americans, surprisingly including many democrats, simply aren’t buying what the alarmists are selling. And yet they continue to build.

“But all the headlines state unequivocally that man-caused Climate Change is real!”, cry Joe and Jane Everybody. Yes, if you accept the conclusions of many researchers, analysts, and activists based on an assumption that their data is valid, methodologies sound, and bias neutral, it’s easy to reach the conclusion that Climate Change is in fact a major concern worthy of worldwide consideration. After all, it really is the only narrative that reaches the pages of most mainstream publications. And yet a closer look at the research, analysis, and activism exposes a reality the reporters and news anchors rarely take the time or intellectual honesty to discover and subsequently disseminate. Anomalous (meaning outside the norm) weather station readings have either been selectively highlighted or selectively hidden to support the given agenda, in spite of clear and simple explanations to discount such errant uses of these cherry-picked pockets of data. As if that weren’t nefarious enough, weather station data has been retroactively CHANGED (literally altered, rewritten!) in the “scientific” record to more conveniently meet the hypothesis of man-made warming. Studies showing the beneficial results of increased CO2 are denied publication. Reports revealing corruption in the process of “peer review” are marginalized as conspiracy theory. Shifting data targets, clever statistical manipulation, selective climatic focuses, gaslighting denials of plain and obvious facts, cynically narrow and manipulative funding criteria to alarmist-only pursuits, rampant media bias, and steroid-fed fear mongering, among hundreds of other tactics of deception effectively hide the truth, persistently advance the empty agenda, and confuse and con common people day after day. Not to mention the unending swill of sewage smugly spewed from uninformed useful celebrity idiots in their passionate hash tagging, passionate instagramming, and sickeningly syrupy passionate public service videos so passionately shared to their passionate (did we mention passionate?) audiences of thumbing-up lemmings. All in the face of true science to the contrary. Yeah, there are some serious problems with their case, in spite of the frequency and volume of their postings. And yet they build.

Like the time of Babel, standing strong in the face of the ridicule, persecution, and shunning of those screaming down from the tower takes courage. It takes confident patience. It takes effort to look well beyond the semi-scientific pop headlines and clickbait to dig deep for actual science that makes you appropriately well informed. It takes common sense. And it takes a healthy helping of good old American independence.

We cannot “stop climate change” as they insist we must. No amount of taxes, regulations, burdens on industry, summits (in far away places that require an indulgence of carbon producing transportation, all for the sake of curbing your climate production, of course), hashtags, social media campaigns, propaganda, or intimidation will change the climate of this planet. We live on a massive planet full of systems that have been balancing and resetting themselves in some impossibly complex way. We live in a solar system surrounding a humongous ball of exploding gas that is our sole source of global heat which happens to vary in the amount of warming it provides without warning of its ebbs and flows and with absolutely zero care for or influence from this planet which revolves around it. The oceans are and have been for millennia inconceivably well choreographed with naturally occurring fluctuations in temperature, salinity, density, and every other common-aspect-turned-spook-story the alarmists try to resort to about it. All of it is outside of our control and likely always will be. And yet they continue to build.

Like the builders of old who mistakenly focused on a tower to bring them closer to God, rather than something much more likely and more effective like prayer and devotion, the alarmists of today have also missed the mark with their focus on carbon dioxide. Not only do the historical heat records defy the theory in virtually every way, they often times have zero correlation at all even when CO2 has been in its most extreme levels. In addition, actual scientists (as opposed to activist scientists – you can discern the difference often by the volume they are speaking with and how often they use the scientific phrase “the data shows” in contrast to the political imperative “we must”) know that the CO2 molecule while indeed a greenhouse gas is a very minor one in relation to the composition of the atmosphere. If there is indeed a smoking climate gun, CO2 simply isn’t a big enough caliber to be considered anything more than a peashooter. Bricks can’t reach heaven, and CO2 can’t make or break our climate. And yet they build.

And finally, just as they did in Babel, the efforts of the alarmists just never reach their self-proclaimed destination. Time and again, even with the most elaborate computer systems, their models fail to predict what they claim so vehemently that they can predict. One minute they insist we’re cooling, but then we warm. Then they insist we’ll overheat, but then we cool. They ignore the sun’s patterns. They ignore true oceanic trends. They ignore anything other than focusing desperately on carbon dioxide. Brick after brick they exclaim in ferocity that we will get to the heavens if we only add another layer of burden on a flimsy foundation of fraud. And yet they build.

When the tower falls, and it will, if we wisely don’t choose to be on it or around it when it comes crumbling down we’ll live to tell the tale of how we survived the greatest hoax in history, only this time we might have the opportunity to collectively embrace unity in truth rather than suffering the splintering consequence of crushing collective arrogance.

***If you are really interested in seeing what actual science is telling us about our climate, research the Heartland Institute and the Nongovernment International Panel on Climate Change as a start.

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