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How Dare You Bryon Cranston! – The Outrage Around “Upside”

"The Upside"
"The Upside"

Image from – “The Upside”

Bryan Cranston has gone too far. The actor, maybe best known for Breaking Bad, has taken his acting “skills” to the utmost extreme. But before I reveal the horror of his antics, we have to define the term acting, and the skill of which Mr. Cranston claims to have.

Acting (according to Bing):

            the art or occupation of performing in plays, movies, or television productions.

What Bryan Cranston has done is he has taken this “skill” of acting and applied it to play a quadriplegic in the upcoming dramatic comedy The Upside. Now you may be wondering, what is the problem here? Well, Bryan Cranston is not a quadriplegic.

Are you outraged yet? 


You’re more just confused as to what the hullabaloo is? Between you and me, I’m ready to move on. But the young up and comers, dubbed social justice warriors are OUTRAGED. Honestly, it’s not even worth drudging up the Twitter-hate-and-outrage-mob. If you’re so inclined to read the tweet storm, click here, and enjoy. 

Essentially, the problem the SJW’s have is that Cranston is a rich, white, privileged, male (the dreg of our society). So why does he get to pretend to be disabled (acting!!!!!!)? Why doesn’t an actual disabled person get to be cast in that role? I would tell these people that producing a 100-million-dollar movie isn’t just about telling a great story as accurately as possible, but rather about making as much moneyas possible. 

I would explain to them that Bryon Cranston was cast in the role because audiences like Bryon Cranston and would prefer him to any random no-name-actor that they could dig up. I would explain the obvious to the intellectually diluted SJW’s, but that’s not even the best and most obvious part in all of this. 

Here is the kicker in this so-called culture of ours. The social justice crowd is horrified when a straight actor or actress is cast in a gay role. The neurons in their brains begin to misfire when a disabled character is portrayed by a fully able-body of an actor/actress. They can’t see the delicious irony in their thought process. 

They demand some bizarre form of absolutism in acting roles. Only gays can play gays. Only the disabled can play a disabled person, etc. Yet….. they somehow believe that, in real life, a man can be a woman. That a man can have a menstruation cycle. That a woman can be a man, and that children should be allowed to “choose” their gender “identity.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go see The Upside and do my part. I want Bryon Cranston to have a long career. Maybe one day he can play a social justice warrior with a brain. Then they can get outraged because no such thing exists. 

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