I Didn’t Leave The Republican Party, I Ran For My Life

You’ve heard it said before about a million times. I didn’t leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party left me. Well, I didn’t leave the Republican Party. I ripped the duct tape off my mouth, kicked it in the face and ran for my life. It’s been an earth shattering, eye opening, cataclysmic couple of months for me and fellow free-thinking conservatives. We’ve spent the better part of a decade mocking and going to battle with the Obama-Drones who are remotely operated by Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow. In 2008 liberals elected their god who would surely save us from ourselves and the sins of the Bush administration. I thought this was merely a liberal trait. I thought this brand of do what the TV tells me was owned and operated solely by the heathen left.

My gosh.

I was so hopelessly wrong.

There are still millions and millions of liberty-loving patriots who allow their God-given brains to do their thinking for them, but unfortunately we are outnumbered by the millions and millions of cable subscribers who allow certain news outlets to do their thinking for them.

I want to be clear. The issues facing the GOP have been festering since the Bush administration and arguably before that. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have contributed more to the destruction of the party of Lincoln perhaps more than anybody. The elephant has been sick for a while and its death is just a matter of time. Then from the bushes sits a man with an elephant gun by the name of Donald J Trump.

This Republican Convention has demonstrated how desperate people are to follow and to simply win an election by the merits of rage. I watched as a stadium of clapping seals cheered democrat talking points and party platforms. I didn’t even hear a defense of liberty, of the Constitution or of our Bill of Rights. If that’s not what we’re fighting for, then why are we fighting? Reince Priebus even declared that Donald Trump will save the world – because that’s not how any dictatorship has ever started. Then the strong man himself is so strong that he himself – alone – can save us from ourselves…. Ugh.

This isn’t what a republic or the Republican Party is supposed to look like. This is everything the Democrats have been fighting for over seven years – one man who can do everything and anything. This election has become about who hates who the most and which strong man (or sinister woman) will lead us over the cliff.

I don’t know where to run to. Do conservatives merge with the Libertarian Party? Do we begin the Federalist Party? I don’t have that answer. I just know a nightmare when I see one and I won’t be a part of it. A party that spits in the face of Lincoln and of Reagan is not a party I will be a part of.

If Republicans want to join ranks with Democrats in philosophy but pretend they’re different because of a title, then good luck with that. Liberalism is slavery followed by a death sentence. It doesn’t matter if you call it Republican or Democrat.


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