Is It Time To Abandon The Name Conservative?

There is no doubt about it, this election will be a case study for decades to come. It has conservatives behaving like liberals and liberals accusing their own shadows of racism (I mean, a white person projecting a black image onto the pavement, how could that not be racist?). I went dormant and hid inside of a hollow shell because everybody has lost their minds. Speaking reason is social treason in today’s culture. If I could dumb this election down into its simplest form it would be this; everybody is fighting over the letter next to people’s names. This year has been one of the hardest lessons of my life. People want to fight over politics, not principles. It is about winning and not doing what is right.

Now before people freak out, yes I am willing to give Trump a chance. I want him to be a successful president. I want order restored in this nation. I want to believe that the Constitution can become the rule of law once again. There is plenty of room for celebration as the Clinton Crime Syndicate was essentially voted out of existence. For that much, I am grateful. I could be wrong about everything, and I hope that I am. But all of this comes with a big giant but…

In a bizarre and twisted turn of events liberals all of the sudden believe in morality and are suddenly shocked that the Donald treats women like objects (I thought there was no such thing as gender anymore, and I though sex was a nighttime activity like reading the HuffPo? So, what’s the big deal? Selective outrage syndrome?). All of the sudden conservatives don’t have morals and defend the Donald from his sexual assault accusations (you can’t mock Clinton if you defend Trump, and you can’t defend Clinton and attack Trump). Trump is on board the transgender bathroom insanity train but liberals are going around trying to convince the world Trump has come to round them up. And suddenly conservatives don’t seem to mind any of it, because the guy with the “R” next to his name beat the letter “D”. Suddenly conservatives are okay with a candidate who this year said he believes in government run health care, and liberals are opposed to him because he runs under the Republican banner and not their own (the horror).

Mr. Trump, the “anti” establishment billionaire sent to save us from ourselves who has put one of the most established names into his cabinet, Reince Preibus. Then he took a man, Steve Brannon from Trumpbart News (formerly Breitbart), a man with ties to white nationalists, who makes yellow journalism look like truth telling and tosses him into the administration mix. I can’t wait to see who he nominates to the Supreme Court. It will be a top-notch constitutionalist, I’m sure.

In short Trump is a big government liberal that liberals fear because he “self-identifies” as a Republican and they’re trained to hate anything that doesn’t behave like they do, but because he has the Republican brand behind him conservatives champion him as The One who came to restore the republic to order – all by himself. And they seem to hate anybody that doesn’t behave the way the GOP tells them to behave, all while being anti-establishment of course.

I expect this nonsense from the left. But seeing the right prop Trump up as the savior of the republic, George Washington reincarnate, gives me a great reason to pause and quickly distance myself. I saw this happen in 2008 with a man named Barack Obama. He was called a god and worshiped as such. Now the right is taking their turn on the apostate bandwagon. The idea that one man can save or destroy us is counter to everything this country was founded upon, and beyond dangerous.

The word conservative was coined because the word liberal was overtaken and bastardized by the progressives in the 1920’s. People didn’t want to be associated with something so sinister. Well history repeats itself and the progressive poison has overwhelmed the conservative system. I speak solely for myself, but it’s time to form a new identity because conservatism is going to hell with liberalism, and in the same cart. How can I go around calling myself a conservative when I can no longer see the difference between a liberal and a conservative? I’m not placing my name next to an administration that has a white nationalist at the top. I would prefer to rebrand the Trump version of “conservativism,” but it probably won’t stick (Trumpnservatives, Triberals, the Donstitutionalist party). Since conservatives are now in the same camp as Planned Parenthood and government run healthcare with President-elect Trump, I’m going to have to stop referring to myself as conservative. So, what’s the replacement? Federalist? A nothingtarian? The Freemen? Certainly, not libertarian. That is a brand that consists of mostly confused anarchists and moral laziness – and endless arguments about pot.

I don’t know the answer here. I do know that the Republican party, while it will enjoy some time in the sun, has come to its end. Conservatives have banded together with a big government, New York City liberal – and liberals are horrified by one of their own because he has the “R” next to his name. As I said, I want and wish for nothing but good things from Trump, and will support him whenever I believe him to be right, but that doesn’t mean I have faith in the outcome. The new conservatism (the alt-right) is merely the flip side to liberalism. It’s garbage. It’s destructive. It’s everything I stand against. True conservatism needs to find cover under another umbrella. We need to rebrand and grow into something new.

Offering the world a dose of truth laced in sarcasm.