Kaepernick was half right.

The world erupted over the weekend because a multimillionaire who throws a ball for a living decided he didn’t want to stand for the national anthem at the beginning of his football game (game, mind you.) He claimed he was doing it as a protest against his country’s oppression of “people of color”. Since then he has been defended and ridiculed for his minor yet significant actions. But the question remains: was he right? Surprisingly, yes. But only half right, and not in the way he thinks he was, nor in the way the Left claims.

One of the prominent defenses for his stunt, from blog trolls to ESPN commentaries is that he is simply doing what Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks and many others have done before him. These protractors of his protest would have you believe his sitting was akin to the black gloved protest of the 1968 olympics. He was just being an American. Sure, his expression is at the essence of what we as Americans should be — rebellious, independent, free-speaking — but was his actual claim is not only questionable, but in reality, grossly misleading.

Though, like Barack Obama, Kaepernick is mixed race and raised by caucasian parents, he is heralded as a black athlete. He also chooses to self-identify as a black athlete. And accordingly, he likes to protest as a black athlete. So being a black athlete and criticizing his country as a racist institution, what is he really claiming? If he’s like 93% of the rest of the black voting block (statistically speaking), he’s claiming that the white, conservative America is at fault. And that’s where his argument proves to be a load of…well…Kraep. (ahem)

Dr. King, Rosa Parks, and the black gloves faced actual oppression. Rare was the black athlete making money in sports. Rare was the successful black politician. And rare was the successfully outspoken black protester. Today? Totally different. We have a black president. We have countless black superstar athletes making in total billions of dollars. We have black news anchors, black senators, governors and cabinet members. It was once fashionable to label blacks who had attained a given status as “the first black (fill in the blank)” but it’s now become so ubiquitous that they’d have to say “the two hundred and fourth black (fill in the blank)” now. Though blacks still represent a small minority of the population by race we as a country now provide, even shower, them (and other minority races…except asians, of course…cuz nobody seems to give a Kraep about them) with entitlement and advantage programs. For example, the affirmative action-based handicapping of university enrollment programs in favor of applicants of non-caucasian ethnicity were upheld by the Supreme Court, despite the fact that the Court explicitly stated their unconstitutional status, but because they were “still needed” in our society.

“But racism exists!” you say? Of course it does…everywhere and on both sides. Yes, there are still plenty of white folk who “hate them negroes!” But then, there are plenty of blacks who “hate them crackers!” I just watched a Netflix comedy special by some guy named Dwayne Perkins (I might be behind the times here but never heard of him before). Dwayne happens to be black. Much of his comedy revolves around race and at one point he criticizes a woman naming her daughter Skylar because “it’s just too white”. Yeah, he’s telling jokes, but let’s face it; those jokes come from a fountain of hatred and distrust of white people — racism. Mexicans celebrate “brown pride” and often openly denigrate “gringos” — racism.

But is racism institutionalized? You bet it is, but in contrast to Kaepernick’s boobing, it’s actually institutionalized FOR people of color, not against them. This is where he is most wrong. America as an institution (which the national anthem represents) doesn’t oppress those of color, it actually supports and encourages them…well, half of them do…and that’s the other part of where he’s sadly in the wrong.

Blacks have voted democrat for decades. Good money would say Kaepernick is no different. And yet, where are people of color oppressed? In the democrat party.

The democrats just finished their primary season for the presidential election. The line of candidates had all the color of a Sunday morning Cambridge polo match. In contrast, the GOP, who the left loves to ridicule as the party of old white men, ran more blacks, hispanics and even one of arab descent, while also promoting revolutionary ideas of equality and freedom. The Dems rolled out a retirement home full of crotchety caucasians. I don’t remember Kaepernick sitting down in protest of that.

Not only that, the very policies the Dems continue to peddle to their minions and not only historically failed policies, but they are in fact designed to hold down minorities. Democrat policies both incentive failure and non-accomplishment, but also diminish and downplay the potential of people of color. The policies themselves reinforce the ridiculous rhetoric that “those poor minorities simply can’t do anything themselves — they need The Man to hold their hand for them.” And in doing so they continue the cycle of poverty for inner city minority communities for decades.

Hey Colin, America isn’t oppressing you — the democratic party is. How about you sit down for their “anthem”?

And while you’re at it, show me a country that elects a black man (twice) as president, consolidates presidential holidays into one to make room for a Martin Luther King day, dedicates an entire month to black history, and of course makes many, many black athletes like you (or at least half of you) inconceivably wealthy for their talents and hard work. There isn’t one other than this one. America is easily the most racially inclusive land on earth. Not even Africa is without hatred for colored people. America is good to her minorities. Maybe we had our problems, but your little stunt/statement amidst the cushy safety and comfort of millions of fans and hundreds of millions of dollars isn’t a bold American protest; it’s a petulant tantrum.

Kaepernick was half right; HALF of America oppresses people of color: the democrat half.


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