State of the Empire 2

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.  Tomorrow is the day we have all been waiting for.  The day the entire government apparatus circles around the POTUS and cheers in awe and inspiration or pretends to be indifferent.

Let’s be honest here.  We have all already heard the rhetoric.  The speech hasn’t stopped since the guy stepped into office.  Why tune in to watch?  No, that was not a rhetorical question.  Why should we tune in to watch?

I didn’t listen to it last year and I have no intention of listening to it this year.  While every president is guilty of turning the State of the Union speech into a stump speech for the American public (instead of who it’s suppose to be directed at, Congress) this president has gone above and beyond that.  It’s a two hour lecture of why the right wingers of the country need to understand that he, the President, was appointed by angels and is going to lead us to the Promised Land.

He absolutely, unequivocally promises us that if we just shut our mouths and do as he says, then he will usher in an age of peace, tranquility and shared prosperity. Yes, if you would stop being such a meany poo, and hating Barack Obama solely because he is a black man, then peace on Earth would be his to rule!

Poor Mr. President.  He is so poor and picked on.  If only we could understand what it is like to be the most powerful man on the face of the earth, in the history of the world, then surely we would understand his plight.

I would encourage anybody reading this to follow suite and not tune into this years ego feast.  I mean the mainstream media will be fawning all over and trying to have babies with this speech for weeks to come, so I’m sure you will be filled in on how the President views himself in this world.

Find something productive to do.  Spend the evening with family.  Exercise.  Do homework.  Read scriptures.  Stare at a wall.  It will be more fulfilling than watching the Washington elites have their cake and eat it too.  I mean, they go back for seconds and thirds.  Then they rob you so that they can run to the store and get more cake.

It’s time we spend our evening figuring out how to take the cake out of the hands of Washington.  After all, cake is delicious.  I would like to save some for my wife and my children.  Wouldn’t you?

Offering the world a dose of truth laced in sarcasm.