The Growing Movement Among Democrats: #WriteInBernie

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the latest in a long list of reasons why there is a growing movement within the democrat party to write-in Bernie Sanders. Under shocking, though not entirely unexpected, evidence detailing her efforts in rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders and in favor of Hillary Clinton, Schultz announced her resignation as chair of the Democratic National Committee and was immediately hired by none other than…wait for it…Hillary Clinton.

Corruption has reached a bold new low. Under the Hillary campaign, wanton and brazen disregard for lawfulness is not something happening in closed-door meetings, it is happening on the front steps in broad daylight. Thanks to Hillary herself, Donald Trump’s assertions of “Crooked Hillary” are not mere childish name-calling — they are simply fact.

Hillary’s record in the past has been questionable at best, but also largely unprovable. Was it all simply a “right wing conspiracy” to bring her and her husband down? Just political wrangling? Fodder for the Right? From her early days of gloating about destroying a young rape victim in court, to being forced to resign from the Watergate case due to her unethical ways, to her alleged role in Bill’s sex-scandals while in the Arkansas governor’s mansion, to Whitewater, to all the mysterious deaths surrounding the Clintons including especially the “suicide” of Vince Foster, to selling favors to foreign nations as Secretary of State in exchange for donations to the Clinton foundation, to the systematic cover up surrounding Benghazi, to her felonious email activities, to the clearly politically driven recommendation by the democrat FBI recommending against charges, Hillary has been swimming in murky, bubbling, festering waters…but again, was it all just one big anti-Clinton witch hunt or something more nefarious? We just got our answer.

With such damning evidence of election tampering, Schultz should have become a political leper…and yet, she wasn’t shunned, she was hired…by Hillary.

Though both liberals and despite his recent endorsement of her (questionable and cliché as it was), Bernie has always been the anti-Hillary. Bernie Sanders rose to fame and favor by railing against the status quo, against the corrupt marriage of big business and big government, something Hillary has always embodied and even perfected. Bernie’s foundation was built on tearing down the corruption and replacing it with more power within the people. Hillary, on the other hand, in this last subtle but glaring move, has shown she is the personification of all that Bernie and his supporters abhor.

Hillary has for a considerable time been the front runner for many democrats. She has been treasured for millions of partisan voters. She’s highly well known, she’s savvy, and she presents yet another opportunity for liberals to celebrate another milestone in progressive achievement: the election of the first woman president. And yet with each day, Hillary is losing support in her own party. It would appear democrats can’t stomach the outright corruption Hillary so boldly embodies. Thus the #WriteInBernie movement.

Because of Hillary’s continuing plunge to more and more questionable depths, the Write-in Bernie movement is growing legs. Hillary has alienated many voters that she won over during the primaries. So bad is the effects of her recent violations, even Donald Trump is trumping her. Polls are now showing Trump leading Hillary in Ohio, Iowa, and Florida and gaining significant ground in even Hillary’s “home state” New York — and this is not due to a surge by Trump, it’s due to a nosedive by Hillary. Americans just cannot stomach the idea of living under a northern version of a Latin American corruption. The idea that a political leader can break laws and rig elections without any consequence appears to be more than even most democrats can handle. And Bernie has become the safe alternative.

Will the #WriteInBernie campaign grow? Will it succeed? Time will tell, but for the sake of the democratic party and America herself, we all better hope it does.


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