The Phrase “I Believe In Science” Is An Unintentional Admission Of Stupidity

All hail the might of the irrefutable God of science, or something. There is this strange phrase that keeps finding its way into my web browser. More and more it seems to have become the rallying cry of the anti-faithful. No, not the cry of those who don’t believe in any particular religion, not the catch phrase of atheists, but the cry of people vehemently opposed to all religion (except Islam, because they’re tolerant, of course). That phrase, that rallying cry is, “I believe in science.” Allow me to be the first to caution you or any would be Scientangelist about using that phrase. It is an unintended admission of stupidity – extreme stupidity. Instead of declaring your blind allegiance to some anonymous teacher and his set of students at a university you’ve never heard of, you may as well just go around saying, “I believe everything I’m told by MSNBC!,” or just cut to the quick and say, “I’m really stupid.”

“I believe in science,” declared the anointed female, Hillary Clinton (wait, per the Left I thought there was no such thing as females or males, just a homogenous mass of watery protein composites called people? Yet here we are making history by nominating the first female to a major political party, says the left. Make up your minds!).

“I believe in science,” the self-aggrandizing guy from government television, Charlie Rose.

“Raise your hand if you believe in science,” asked the dude from Third Eye Blind at a concert outside of the Republican National Convention. Yeah that band that made that one good song back in the 90’s is still kicking around – and they believe in science.

So what exactly is science? What is this new age flat-earth-society and why does declaring yourself as intellectually superior really make you look like a conniving dufus? First let’s define what science is, and then let’s define what science isn’t. Per Google’s definition.

the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

To put it into my own words; science is a structured and documented observation. A guy, a gal, or many of them pick a topic or a subject to study, observe it, document their findings and if the findings can be duplicated by peers in the same field of study – by golly – they may have found something worthy of further study and documentation. It’s a pretty straight forward process that has been skewed into something it’s not.

Science is what we can see, observe and verify. It’s nothing more. It’s nothing less. Science is the umbrella term, or the lazy man’s term for the various fields of study under which science takes place. There are hundreds of fields of study that are worthy of a lifelong pursuit, but the notion of this monolithic, all-knowing “science” is hardly a basis for a religion, or as a Scientangelist would argue, a system of beliefs as they have no God but government.

“Science” is not the Center of Thought from which all reason and facts go forth, because there is no Center of Thought – unless you’re a hardline lefty. Then the Center of Thought is whatever flies out of Barack Obama’s mouth, and then it becomes gospel, irrefutable and timeless – until he says something else.

I suppose the term “science” has largely been used as a crutch by the anti-religious, Scientangelists. It’s referenced as a belief system because they have none. Remember, in as little as one year, or as many as a hundred, our notion of “science” – or the world around us – will be completely different. Because of science, we will look back at this time as an archaic and crude way of thinking. Will people still proclaim that they believe in Science then? Because by then everything we know now will have been thrown out the window.

A belief system where folks devote their lives to peer-reviewed articles (dare I call them books?), from individuals they’ve never met nor even heard speak, and rely on their every word – as though they had faith – is as flawed as any religion that the Scientangelists mockingly reject. Instead of saying, “I believe in Science,” you may as well go around saying, “I believe in Joe Blow So And So at the University of State Place, and I’m waiting for him to tell me what to think.”

If you’re like many Americans, you want evidence and verifiable data to form your opinion off of. Which is exactly what you should do. What you shouldn’t be doing is running around telling people that you believe in science. It makes you sound, well, not so scientific.

Offering the world a dose of truth laced in sarcasm.