This Election Has Me Contemplating Suicide

Despite the headline, this election does not actually have me contemplating suicide. Though at this point in our nation’s history suicide does seem to be a more logical choice than Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or that other buffoon that wants you to believe he’s a libertarian. I have no intent to kill myself, but the thought of social suicide is rather appealing.

As we drag further along the Cliffs of Insanity I find it harder and harder to stay tuned the stupid that surrounds me/us. My day job (property management if you must know) has afforded me one of life’s greatest gifts. I get to stick headphones in my ear and pretend that humans don’t exist for a large chunk of my day. I use that opportunity to not just listen to music, but to listen to books, scriptures and up until recently, talk radio. I had developed the once seemingly healthy habit of two podcasts a day. This gave me two points of view on similar subjects. It provided me with different perspectives and would arm me with an array of information.

Then we got deep into the 2016 presidential cycle and the King and Queen had been crowned savior by their respective (not respected, mind you) parties. Then those two podcasts a day became one. Then that one turned into none. After having cancelled my satellite/TV service (for the crime of being both expensive and awful in terms of content), aside from online news, those podcasts were the last huge source of information for me. Now? Now I find myself not caring. I rely more on books and scriptures than what the yahoo of the day has to say about our laughable state of affairs.

What’s caused me to tune out and begin to question my journey through the self-induced hysteria of blogging is this worthless presidential election. It has become abundantly clear that too few Americans can see a problem, identify it and find a solution for it. And by too few I mean, oh I don’t know, a thousand? Out of 325 million? I’m not a statistician or any other made up profession. Even the folks who make millions of dollars talking into a microphone can’t identify it. Our problem is not our president. Our problem is not who will become president. For the folks who mock the NeverTrump crowd by declaring Clinton will leave us all under despotism and tyranny, congratulations you are part of the problem, the problem that was solved by our American Revolution.

Presidents are not supposed to have this amount of power. They are not supposed to have such an influence in our daily lives. We should be this passionate about our mayors, county chairs and governors, not our president. One man, one woman, one group of people were never intended to lord over us the way our elected and unelected elites rule over us. But they’re not the problem. You are. We are. We want a Cheetos Bandit named Donald Trump to “Make America Great Again” for us. We don’t want to lift a finger. The left got to elect their god in Barack Obama, a man who is willing to do everything on your behalf if you would just shut-up and do as your told. Now it’s the right’s turn to elect their god in Donald Trump and we’re feeling lazier than ever.

“I want my freedom back! As long as I don’t have ta do nuthin or anything similar.”

Our government and our culture is the result of our apathy. If you don’t want to take an interest in your children’s school work, then the school district will raise your children. If you don’t want to speak to Hollywood with your dollars and cent’s then they’ll keep speaking to you with their political abortion-like movies and they’ll keep brainwashing your children with subliminal smut during the commercials of SpongeBob Squarepants.

The more involved I have become it’s been made clear that people don’t want to be involved. They don’t want to be bothered. They will bark, they will yell, they will accuse but they won’t leave the comfort of the cushion in front of the next Bachelorette marathon. If America want’s a man-made god figure, then that is exactly what America is going to get (we already have the anointed one in the oval office anyway), and they will expect you to treat them as a god (we already have the anointed one who expects as much anyway).

Because people are so desperate not be bothered and do so much as read an article counter to their point of view, it makes me want to check out as well. With the current population, America has a destiny set for its own demise. Instead of yelling and punching at a lazy, near dead horse I think I’ll gather with the other Americans who get it. The presidency will not save us. We, the people, need to save the Constitution.

Offering the world a dose of truth laced in sarcasm.