Trump Is The GOP Nominee -Put A Gun To My Head And I Still Won’t Vote For Him

Donald Trump has officially clenched the GOP nomination by reaching the delegate count of 1,237. He is the new face, the new leader of the Republican Party. With that comes the inevitable accusations of would be voters. If you don’t vote Donald Trump then you have effectively voted for Hillary Clinton. What an absolute load of contrived, newspeak nonsense. I will never vote for the Cheetos Bandit and his sinister line brand of strongman politics. I. Will. Never. Vote for my own submission and servitude.

Here’s why.

I picture this election like some sort of ransom. I’ve been abducted and taken hostage. The only way out is to support one of the two major party candidates. My captors have tied me up; duct taped my mouth and tied me to a chair in some dingy, poorly lit basement. On my left stands Clinton with a gun to my left temple. On my right stands Trump with a gun to my right temple. If I don’t give my support to Clinton then Trump will blow my brains out. If I don’t give my support to Trump then Clinton will blow my brains out (and then delete all the emails detailing the event). Wow, what options I have.

“But Trump is only using a 9mm! Clinton is going to shoot you with a 44!” That is the difference between the two candidates in this scenario.

Trump has managed to take the “conservative” movement and turn it into a liberal cesspool of drivel and irrational thought. The idea that I – AN IDIVIDUAL – am responsible for the masses and who they choose as their leader is the most liberal garbage that anybody can muster. I am responsible for me, myself and my own. I am not responsible for a candidate or how reckless and irrational their campaign is and how many people they horrify in the process. If by the very premise of the conservative ideology I am not responsible for Joe-Blow-So-And-So in New York and what he does with his healthcare plan, then you have no vested interest in how I vote. What you do have interest in, as a conservative, is convincing me why your ideas are superior. But you can’t do that because Donald J Trump is the GOP nominee.

Then there is of course the obvious. If I vote for a third party candidate then my vote counts towards a third party candidate. It does not, by definition of voting, count towards Hillary. Furthermore, I have no loyalty to a person, to an individual. I swore no oath to the GOP. If Trump wants my vote then it is his obligation to convince me to give it to him. We are not the Borg from Star Trek. I am an individual and will act accordingly.

“But a third party candidate can’t win! You’re just taking support away from Trump if you don’t vote for him!” Well, here’s a question for you. How do I take support away from Trump when I never gave it to him in the first place? That would be some sort of Jedi-mind-trick that I’m not familiar with at this point in my trials.

Another scenario. We all go back down into that dirty, dingy and poorly lit basement. This time we have a different decision to make. Two people stand at the front of the room and make their argument. One says we should all shoot up with heroin. The other says we should shoot up with meth. There are a few scattered voices from the crowd on other options of opiates but the two at the front have command of the room. Our choice is heroin or meth. Everybody votes and the outcome is heroin. Everybody is handed a government issued tourniquet and proceeds to inject themselves. I however throw the kit to the ground and protest. You all die and come back to haunt me. You say things like, “this is your fault! It’s your fault that we didn’t get to do meth and now we’re all dead!” No, just no. You’re dead because of your decision and not mine. I will keep on living with or without you.

Sure, Donald J Trump is a different type of tyrant than Hillary Clinton but why does it matter who’s driving when the car goes over a cliff? We’re all going to die the same fiery death. While the car careens out of control I’m going to figure out how to break the child locks and get out of the car before it’s too late while everybody fusses over who gets to be behind the wheel on impact.

Self-righteous, you say? Hardly. I wish that were the case but I am morally superior to no man or woman. In fact, I’m probably morally inferior to many, many people. But that’s not what this is about. This is about the Constitution, a document that the Cheetos Bandit has no interest in so much as mentioning. This election isn’t about sustaining my way of life and keeping up with the faux status quo of our corrupt government (a government that the Cheetos Bandit has no interest in shrinking). I don’t care about the status quo. I care about my liberty. I care about the country I have to live in for the next fifty years. I care about the country my children have to live in. I care about a world that where the Constitution has fallen into the dustbin of history.

Hillary Clinton is six plus six. She equals twelve. Trump is three multiplied by four. He equals twelve. They are two different equations with the same outcome – and math was never my thing.

You can go on telling me and others that by not voting for the worst candidate in the history of the Republican Party we are responsible for the demise of America. I will put the blame where the blame belongs, on the people who voted for Clinton and Trump.

Put a gun to my head and I will never vote for Donald J Trump.

Offering the world a dose of truth laced in sarcasm.